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Part Loan - 13.2 Dartmoor Cross Happy Hacker

Part Loan - 13.2 Dartmoor Cross Happy Hacker
For Loan
Dartmoor Pony
Blue Road
22 years old
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Date Added:
21/05/2012 23:16
We are looking for someone to loan our 13.2hh dartmoor cross pony. He is quite a lazy pony who loves attention but doesnt like work, he will stand for hours being groomed & fussed over. However he can be stubborn when being ridden, never silly, doesnt buck or bolt or anything,he just doesnt like hacking out alone, he will hack out well in company and keeps up with the biggest horses and he enjoys a gallop with the rest of the ponies.

He is really only suitable for someone who wants to hack out with others or school, or just wants a pony to fuss round and ride occasionally. The children ride him out with the other horses and he goes well. He isnt keen on jumping but you can get him over when he is in the right mood but he will never be a jumper, lol. He hasnt done much jumping so if you are looking for a pony to jump with then Zak isnt for you.

He has no vices, except he wont box, never bites or kicks, he\'s easy to catch, shoe etc and positively loves attention, just bring a carrot !

Ideally I am looking for someone to have him on full or part loan on our yard in Great Warford, near Alderley Edge . If full loan you cover all costs but part loan is a a contribution of £25 per week, I am flexible on days etc.

If I havent put you off him please ring me for more info, he has lots of love to give and is a very special pony.

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