Classical EE Teacher Level 1
Kathy Turner


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9:00am - 8:00pm
9:00am - 8:00pm
Classical EE Teacher Level 1

I have 30 years riding experience. I mostly teach all ages on their own horses at their yards. A school is not a necessity, just a quite flat area if that is all you have access to.

Simulator lessons are available on a Racewood machine.
I am also able to offer private lessons on safe riding school horses (Monday and Thur after 4pm only). Using the simulator and having the use of riding school horses mean I am able to teach complete beginners as well as experienced riders or those without access to a horse. The methods greatly accelerate the process of learning and are ideal for those not wishing or able to spend years learning. Ideal for actors!

Do you have trouble getting your horse to move forward? Do you have difficulty in sitting trot or canter. Do you want to improve your dressage? Does your horse buck or nap even when physical discomfort has been ruled out? Are you fed up of not improving with your riding despite lessons? Do you want to develope "feel" and improve/start lateral work? If so, I can help!

Heather Moffett (designer of the Fhoenix saddles) developed "Enlightened Equitation" which is classical riding taught in an easy to understand way. It can work wonders for the partnership between you and your horse. Find out how well your horse can really move when you learn to work with him/her. Develope a good classical seat. This is for all types of riders and horses from happy hackers to dressage to jumping.
Heather's book "Enlightened Equitation" has been revised and is now available with 400 colour photographs.

Lessons from 20 pounds an hour depending on distance traveled.
Simulator lessons 50 pounds an hour
Lessons of RS horse 62 pounds per 3/4 hour

Level 1

Get the basics right, and you have foundations on which to build. So what are the basics? Development of a deep, elegant Classical Seat, correct biomechanical interaction of horse and rider so that both move together as one unit, ability to apply the aids so that they are clear to the horse, not obvious to the onlooker.
Hi Heather
On Saturday 26th September 2009 I had a lesson with Kathy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, she taught me things that were missing in my riding which helped my mare to go more forward and lighten, she also explained why I should make these changes and what these subtle changes would say through me to the horse, and she was spot on.It was so nice to have someone explain and not just say do. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any one who wanted to ride their horse properly and correctly.
I am a great believer in everything takes time so did not expect much from our lesson, in that we would probably not exceed walk I was amazed that we managed much more, including (managing to do) sitting trot and walk to canter.

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2 hour towing Assessment
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Advert From Nick Martins Driving School
2 hour towing Assessment
This is a chance to come and try the reversing exercise as per test and a general assessment on your driving standard.
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